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Site goal

The goal of the Stan's Hub web site is to provide high quality information in those STEM areas where we believe we have something to say. Net revenue from advertisement is not our goal, but we have to cover the expenses due to expanding and maintaining the high-quality contents, as well as the web site maintenance.

Site performance

The site now contains about 700 pages and is in continuous expansion, generating a steadily growing interest.
Presently, it averages about 1000 visits a day.

Site advertizing history

Stan's Hub started regular publishing in April 2005. At the same time it started offering also advertizing services, carrying a limited number of ad banners of various Companies. In November 2013, such services were interrupted for reasons explained at the very bottom of this page. In February 2018, the domain and the web site became a property of the newly formed Italian Company Extra Byte snc (with Stan as one of its Partners). Under this new setup, the web site is restarting advertizing services once again, starting by the end of March, 2018.

How to advertize on this web site

Detailed commercial and technical information will appear soon on this page.

For the moment, if you are interested, please have a look at this example page. In the right column, at some point, it shows the label SPONSORED by, followed by banners of some early-bird advertizers. What follows is part of the available advertizing estate of Stan's Hub. Banners of standard width (but variable height) will be the most common form of advertizing on Stan's Hub pages. The rapidly growing list of currently available pages (now at 14) will become available soon.

Note: We might be able to offer also graphic services related to the preparation of the banners.

Naturally, there are other possibilities as well. We will be happy to consider any suggestions you might have.

Drop us a note, please.

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This is the webmaster's notice of November 2013, included here just as a historic curiosity: 
    All advertizing on this web site has been discontinued. The main reasons are (i) the fact that I find it hard to manage it properly, and (ii) the presumptive arrogance of Italian fiscal administration who would otherwise never believe/accept my figures. They think that anybody in the 'advertizing business' must necessarily earn millions, not hundreds, of bucks per year, and they presume that those earnings actually occurred, but were illegally stashed away abroad. That's the World we live in! Sorry.

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