On some number densities related to coprimes

Stanislav Sykora,

Extra Byte, Via R.Sanzio 22C, 20022 Castano Primo (MI), Italy,
in Stan's Library, Vol.V. First release 15 Nov 2014

Permalink:  DOI: 10.3247/SL5Math14.005

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This brief essay explores the limit mean densities of subsets of natural numbers m such that the pair (m, m\b) is either coprime or not coprime. Here m\b = floor(m/b) denotes the operation which can be also characterized as 'truncation of the last digit in base b' or 'right truncation in base b'. The analysis leads to an interesting rational-valued function.

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Sykora S., On some number densities related to coprimes,
Stan's Library, Vol.V, Nov 2014, DOI: 10.3247/SL5Math14.005 .


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