A chance encounter

- An airport lounge.
- A shapely girl, chewing a gum.
- Turns out to be a topless dancer.
       - Wow!

- Me, thinking up a fantasy:
       - There are some six billion female breasts in the world.
       - I am in a huge room all padded with them: walls, ceiling, floor.
       - There is no gravity and I am floating close to the center.
       - I would like to touch or kiss at least one of the breasts.
       - As much as I try, I can't reach any of them.
       - I am just stuck in the center, overwhelmed by the view.

- Is this a baby-nightmare or a male-nightmare?
- I share the fantasy with the dancer, trying to find out.
- She says 'Oh' and moves the gum from one cheek to another.
- Is that an answer !?
- And if so, might it be correct?

This was originally a plan for another of the stories in the Reflections series.
Then, by a mere chance, my sister read it and found it very amusing.
So I have decided to leave it as is ....
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