Hired womb

Dear Father,

Regarding the Annunciation,
I think that You should have broken the news
to my mother in person rather than sending an underling.

After all, she was pregnant with Your son!

Besides, you have put her into a really tight spot.
She was not married but had a fiancé.
It was not easy to explain to him.
Good luck Joseph is such a good soul!
Guys like him are one in a thousand!

People, of course, would not let go.
They talked a lot, so Mary and Joseph had to go into exile,
leaving at night as though they were thieves.

Well, what's done, is done but, frankly, Father,
Mary deserved better than to be treated as a hired womb.

Love, Jesus.
Stan Sýkora, Arese 1996
My friend JC has shown this letter to me today.
He is a bit worried. He thinks he might have overdone it.
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