Among the frenzy of traffic lights,
whipped by orphan sentences
and the din of cars,
I can no longer hear
the whispers of my heart.

Did it stop talking
about my distant Love?
Paralyzed by a sudden fear
I seek a silent corner and,
eyes closed, listen carefully.

There it is!
The first shy beat was mine,
     the second yours!
Then again mine,
     already gaining force.
Now listen to yours!
A bell calm and strong
     yet so sweet and soft!

I take a long breath and hurry up.
Suddenly the City became lovely
and all the people brightened up!
Stan Sýkora, Rome 1997
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Copyright ©2004 Stanislav Sykora    DOI: 10.3247/elcl09.031 Designed by Stan Sýkora