Sex issues

A parrot had an ardent desire
to lay and fuck a lady vampire.
The bat said she would bite his spine
so he had to fuck the porcupine.

This little rhyme was inspired by two other masterpieces
(as Isaac Newton would have said: if I achieved so much,
it is because I stood on the shoulders of Giants).

One belongs to the Czech folklore and I learned it as a kid:

Papoušek męl touhu skrytou
mrdat krajtu tygrovitou.
Krajta se mu nedala,
musel mrdat pardála.

The other one is a nursery rhyme I was taught by
my nephew Libor (alias Lee) who lives in Canada.
It is an integral part of the Anglo-Saxon culture:

Mary Ann had a little lamb.
She also had a little duck.
She put them on a window sill,
to see whether they would fuck.

Stan Sýkora, Arese 1995
All this shows that interest in sex is,
like the speed of light, a truly universal constant.
It stays with us from crib to tomb (well, almost!).
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