United Europe

We, the proud people of Europe,
have resolved to Unite our forces,
hoping to make the beast in us
respect the new-cast fences.

Despite all our Cathedrals,
our souls are dirty and stained:
Though we roam the Space of Spirit,
unraveling the Nature's secret mesh,
we often return to ancient caverns
to devour our own blood and flesh.

Despite all our Cathedrals,
our souls are dirty and stained.
Prometheus, our great friend,
gave us fire to fight off the cold
yet we have often used it to burn those
whose opinions we do not hold.

Since, despite all our Cathedrals,
our souls are dirty and stained,
we, the people of Europe,
those who have so often failed,
hope that, uniting our forces,
we can make the beast in us
respect the new-cast fences.
Stan Sýkora, Arese 1996
Note added in April 2005:

Though, for the above reasons, I believe that United Europe is infinitely better than a disunited one,
I feel bitterly disappointed by its current management.

It is presently little more than a club run by member-state governments through thousands of nominated commissars. Those with a voice in the machinery (which does not include the token Parliament) are so reluctant to submit their decisions to public approval that a referendum is considered by the rulers of many EU countries as a dirty word.

We, the people, were never asked what kind of Europe we want: one of states or one of governments or one of regions or one of peoples or whatever else. We were also never asked to which extent we wish EU institutions to replace those of the member states, rather than being added on top of them (think about Defense or Foreign Affairs).

As it is, after every Maastricht or whatever, we are just told that there was such and such new development or Treaty and that's it. So far, United Europe means essentially just a new layer of costly bureaucracy added on top of the existing one and developing like a multi-ganglial invertebrate living blob. It is all absurd to the point that I really wonder how long it will take before the whole thing collapses under its own weight.

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