A Basic Guide to NMR
by James N. Shoolery,
3rd Edition, December 6, 2008, in Stan's Library, Editor S.Sykora, Vol.II. 
Permalink via DOI:  10.3247/SL2Nmr08.012
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Third, online Edition, with a preface by Stanislav Sykora:
   Extra Byte, Castano Primo, Italy; in Stan's Library, Vol.II, December 2008; DOI 10.3247/sl2nmr08.012
Second Edition: Varian AG, Zug, Switzerland, 1978.
First Edition: Varian Associates, Palo Alto, California, USA, 1972.


The third edition of this book has been made freely available by the Publisher thanks to
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James Shoolery, A Basic Guide to NMR, 3rd Edition, Stan's Library, Vol.II, 2008, DOI 10.3247/sl2nmr08.012

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