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V Math An Abel's Identity and its Corollaries
A note on the huge family of Abel's combinatorial identities.
IV Physics Phononian Science: current state and perspectives
A mildly speculative, and slightly humorous, reflection for Physicists.
III NMR A Primer on Scalar Relaxation in NMR
Reviews the concept, including order-of magnitude estimates for organic molecules.
III Math Mathematical Means and Averages: Basic Properties
A primer on means, averages, and their properties with innovative definitions.
II NMR, Phys The Hebel-Slichter effect
Summary of a historic milestone in field-cycling NMR relaxometry.
II NMR Antenna Reciprocity Theorem in Magnetic Resonance
A phenomenological summary of the topic.
II Math, NMR p-Quantum Transitions and a Combinatorial Identity
A combinatorial identity related to transitions in coupled n-spin systems.
I NMR One-Page MR Primer
for newcomers, busy managers, laywers, and other outsiders
I Math Ad Astra Ltd and Early History of Gravity Engineering
A simple and amusing example of applied variational calculus.
I Electronics Passive Electronic Components: Standard Values
Values of resistors, inductors and capacitors as defined by IEC 63.
I Math Exponential Transforms of Polygonal Functions
Explicit Laplace and Fourier transforms of polygonal functions.
I NMR NMR Math: Pulse and Delay Operators
Basis for simulation of LR-NMR/MRI sequences. With free Matlab utilities
I Math Taylor Traitor Functions
Note on some counter-intuitive aspects of the Taylor series.
I Electronics Noise Figure and Equivalent Input Noise
Definitions and relation between the two often misunderstood concepts.
I MRI K-space formulation of MRI
Principles of MRI image formation and of the k-space formalism.
I Electronics Passive Electronic Components: Color Codes
Color coding of resistors, inductors and capacitors as defined by IEC 62.
I Programming Writing C/C++ Macros: Rules, Tricks and Hints
What should you know before writing a macro.
I Math Transformation Properties of Probability Density Functions
Written to dissisipate common doubts and avoid errors connected with scale-transformations pdf's.
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